Schedule of Classes

Resources In Movement
Fall/Winter 2017/2018 Local Classes 

Somatic Imagination
with Caryn McHose

At Resources in Movement Studio, Franks Ln, Holderness, NH

Four Classes in Rolf Movement® Education

Saturday December 9, 2017

Saturday January 6, 2018  January Class Canceled

Saturday February 3 **

Saturday March 10

9:30 – 11:30 AM

(Plus Integrative  Movement 12-1 pm–see below)
(February afternoon segment is a longer afternoon: 1-3)

Rolf Movement education starts with our relationship to gravity–we orient to ground and space automatically to find stability. To find postural ease and reliable stability and security, we open our awareness to gravity orientation. We use perception to find inherent stability based on elongation and spaciousness–stability based on the way our ancient ancestors moved–a birthright of the human body plan. We discover ways to do daily tasks, exercises, yoga, martial arts, theater, with more ease–we learn to use our built in “movement brain” rather than effort.

Movement from perception involves imagination and play .Somatic Imagination means Imagination that speaks and is felt in the body .We imagine in ways that speak to the movement brain and we feel the body take the hint and release habits of strain and compression. We develop confidence in meeting physical challenges so we can age gracefully and retain well being. Come to this class to move, have fun, and inhabit and appreciation the body’s forms.

These classes are sequential and cumulative. You are welcome to come to those classes that fit your preference or schedule. However, each class builds on the material of the ones before it.

To Register: Contact Caryn at 603 968 9585 or

Classes are $35 each  Do Make Sure to Register and Receive Confirmation for any class you intend to attend. We need to know how many people are coming and be able to contact you if, for any reason, the class must be canceled. 

Additional One Hour Class Following Each Somatic Imagination Class 12-1 PM
(Fee for second class $10–Rolf Movement Class is a Pre-Requisite)

[NOTE: On January 6, 2018, this afternoon class will be two hours long and will be from 1-3 pm.]

Integrative Movement/Body of Inquiry

 An opportunity to explore movement with a form that derived from Authentic Movement–a movement form that started in the 1960’s that combines movement and self reflection. Authentic Movement asks the questions: “What’s my body’s impulse to move now? What’s true in this movement?” It’s a chance to explore how our internal experience reveals itself through expression in movement that includes a witness. Witnessed presence offers a container for one’s explorations. The role of the witness is not to assess but provides an opportunity to learn about presence from orientation to ground and space, to listen quietly, and to learn about body meaning at a non verbal level.