History of Cloverly Cottage

Cloverly CottageCloverly Cottage became the summer residence of Lawrence K. Frank in 1921. L. K. Frank used Cloverly as a base for meetings with colleagues over the years and he and other social scientists held discussions and wrote articles and books there.

Frank’s children born between 1920 and 1951 all spent their childhood summers at Cloverly and brought their children to Cloverly as the years passed. Frank was a devotee of New Hampshire summers and divided his time amongst carpentry projects, writing, and having a large garden. After L. K. Frank passed on in September of 1968, his widow, Mary H. Frank oversaw the management of Cloverly primarily for the Frank children and grandchildren and for part of the summer as a residence of herself and her second husband, William G. Perry Jr. William G. Perry Jr. made substantial renovations while preserving the character of the house and barn. He constructed a new building for mowers and the repairing of his small boats. He is also remembered for lovingly planting birch trees that line the walk to the lake.

Following the passing of W. G. Perry in 1998, Mary turned over ownership of Cloverly to her son, Kevin K. Frank, who has made Cloverly his residence since 1987, having built his current home on the same land in 1990 and a studio for bodywork and movement classes in 1997. Mary (Frank) Perry lived in a year round addition to Cloverly constructed in 2001 until her passing in 2006. Kevin Frank and Caryn McHose, his wife, maintain Cloverly Cottage for the use of their family, the now extensive Frank children and grand-children and for guests who come to somatic education retreats and classes sponsored by Resources in Movement.

Cloverly Cottage was built in 1918. It has served as a spot for inquiry into the fields of psychology, anthropology, and child development, as well as a spot for the challenging sport of New Hampshire gardening. Rooms are rustic but spacious and there is a large kitchen.

Located on the shore of White Oak Pond, a quiet 300 acre brown water lake, Cloverly Cottage offers a chance for use of kayaks as well as swimming. The porch of Cloverly affords a pleasant view of the pond and the uninhabited island across the lake.

Cloverly Cottage is available for vacation rental and events such as family reunions, wedding receptions and retreats. For more information about rates and scheduling possibilities, go to VRBO.com.